Caring for Your Watch

Taking Care Of Your Watch

Some handy hints on caring for your watch

  • If your watch has a screw down crown, make sure that the crown is screwed down to the case to ensure water resistance.
  • Do not use the chronograph pushers underwater.
  • Flat batteries must be changed promptly to minimise chances of leakage.
  • Do not place your quartz watch next to a magnet as it may stop. This is especially relative to magnetic mattresses, magnetic bracelets, welders etc…
  • After swimming in the ocean rinse your watch under fresh water whilst simultaneously turning the bezel to rinse out salt and sand.
  • It is advisable not to wear bangles or bracelets with your watch as they may scratch each other.
  • Ensure your watch bracelet is shortened to the correct length to maximise its life and reduce the bracelet wear.
  • Spray on your perfume before you put on your dress watch.
  • Leaving your watch in constant direct sunlight will reduce the life of your seals and luminosity.
  • Do not set day or date while the hour hand is near 12’ (between 10pm and 2am) as this may upset the watch’s internal calendar. If you need to set your watch’s date, please set your date to the day before then wind your hands to the correct time (Please note that when the calendar changes this is midnight. If you are in the p.m. you will have to wind your time past the mid-day and to the correct hour.
  • Some watches have water proof leather straps, however a steel or silicone strap is the better choice if your lifestyle revolves around water!